Marketing Strategy & Campaign Management

Marketing involves truly knowing your product, identifying your target market, acknowledging what that market needs, determining your message to them, and establishing how you should deliver it.


While consistent branding and messaging are critical to the success of a marketing strategy, each individual medium allows the company to reach a different audience, present the business in a different way, develop repetition and recognition, and help maximize the overall value of its budget.


Whether we’re managing an entire campaign or individual components, we approach every project with this “big picture” mentality. Each client receives an energized team effort, unique strategy that integrates into the full plan (even if Navitas doesn’t manage other components of the plan), and analytical reporting that can be used for future growth and marketing purposes.


  • Advertising – The medium and the channels you choose to use for your campaign can include, but are not limited to, print collateral such as postcards, brochures, and ads placed in industry publications, online media such as banner ads, email marketing campaigns, and pay-per-click advertisements, and other advertising channels such as TV commercials, radio ads, and billboards.
  • Branding & Corporate Identity – Fully developing your organization’s corporate identity is critical to experiencing a complete and successful marketing campaign. This means positioning your brand in terms of its corporate image through logo design and development, taglines, mascots, and more. Our experienced staff of marketing and graphic design professionals has you covered. 
  • Campaign Development – The development of your marketing mix can be tolling. With so many options to consider, our expert opinion will help you cut through the clutter to make crucial, strategic decisions. What good is a fully-developed campaign if you are not reaching the proper audience or using the channels that most suit your needs?
  • Direct Mail Marketing – This covers both traditional direct mail and email marketing. Reaching customers directly is imperative to maintaining relationships and delivering you latest messages. Navitas has spearheaded countless mail campaigns that have shown incredible responses – make your campaign our next success story!
  • Mobile Marketing – Around 1/3 of all mobile devices have smartphone capabilities. This presents us, as the marketers, with a large and previously untapped audience. Mobile websites, SMS (text message) campaigns, geotargeted ad campaigns, and QR code integration are becoming increasingly popular for a reason – they provide results. Don’t get left behind as mobile technology continues to advance..
  • Photography & Video Production – Photos and videos supplement content on your website, social media pages, press releases, and industry articles draw your audience in with action and vibrant colors. Our equipment has the capabilities to support all campaigns.
  • Public Relations – From press release composition and distribution to online reputation management, social media campaign management, media placement and more, The Homer Group specializes in a wide-range of strategic image development services for our customers. It’s time to stop procrastinating - get out there, and establish your brand!
  • Trade Show Campaigns – Exhibiting at a trade show requires more than just unique booth displays and banners. We can maximize the success of your trade show presence by managing your lead generation strategy, pre-show and post-show communication, promotional materials and promotional products, and drawing attendees to your website and social media pages. 


Not all of these services are appropriate for every business, and we offer many other services that didn't make this list. We look forward to hearing your story and what you're looking for, or helping you to determine that and then implement the new strategy. Please fill out the form below to learn more.

"If you don't believe anything else, believe the next thing I write: 1st: Kevin Homer really listens to you; I mean really listens & hears you. 2nd: He does not try to sell you every service he has available. 3rd: Kevin Homer tailor's a plan that really fits you & your business. He wants you to succeed. Succeed, not just so that he & his company looks good; but so that there is another business that helps the community. We work very hard for the money we make. Kevin Homer is a very good investment."


Jeanne Maria, Office Manager


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