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We want businesses to succeed, even if they aren't our clients. The marketing industry is always changing, and it's important for business owners and marketing staff to stay up-to-date on the current trends and understand the importance of specific marketing tactics and their value, even if the work is outsourced or conducted by other coworkers or employees. 


We will do our best to keep this section updated with relevant and useful information. These downloads are completely free to you, so enjoy! We hope you find these resources to be useful in the growth of your business.



Fans With Benefits Free Trial

Fans With Benefits (FWB) is a do-it-yourself Facebook sweepstakes application that enables any company to optimize their social media marketing. Not only is it self-managed and user-friendly, but Fans With Benefits develops brand awareness to grow your audience exponentially. Incentivized share tools and daily entry allowance entices participants to return frequently and promote your sweepstakes for you, so you can sit back and watch viral marketing at its best. 


Developed in-house, FWB is proven to grow a company's audience. But why take our word for it? See what users have to say about FWB. Some brands who have used our application include: Ann Taylor, NBC Universal,
Virgin Mobile, and Seventeen Magazine. 


FWB is perfect for small businesses, medium-sized businesses, large businesses, and even global businesses. To learn more about how you can utilize FWB for your business take a look at all of its features!


If you find your results impressive you can always upgrade to one of our premium packages which includes the ability to upload branded graphics, incentivize users through wall posts, invites and tweets, and many more great options.


Are you ready to grow your Facebook following exponentially with Fans With Benefits?

Sign up for your free account and trial today, you'll be glad you did!









The Ultimate Social Media Cheat Sheet

Learn about the best times to post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter in this simple and easy to read cheat sheet guide.