Community Involvement & Professional Affiliations

Navitas Marketing strongly believes in giving back to its local business community. This business philosophy has allowed us to form fantastic relationships over the year, in both the public and private business sector, and the knowledge and resources we've acquired allows us to add value to the quality of work we provide to our clients. 


**We are proud to offer a 5% discount to members of the organizations of which we have an affiliation.** 


Greater Norristown Corporation

Greater Norristown Corporation (GNC)


GNC is an organization of business leaders and goverment officials in Norristown and the surrounding area whose ultimate objective is to promote business growth and development in Greater Norristown. It pulls together these leaders to keep everyone informed of the growth activities in the area, to develop the linkages and ultimately strengthen the community.



Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce - King of Prussia, PA Montgomery County Chamber of



The Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce’s purpose and mission is to help its members succeed in business and to continue building a more vibrant, prosperous and connected community in Montgomery County.  They accomplish this by providing valuable education, marketing, and networking opportunities for its members.  Additionally, they advocate affecting solutions to the challenges our community faces and provide great opportunities for businesses to grow.  

Norristown Arts CouncilNorristown Arts Council


Norristown Arts Council is an organization that has established a district in downtown Norristown, branded as Norristown Arts Hill, for the promotion and stimulation of the arts. The intention is to stimulate economic development in the district by promoting available real estate to artists and businesses who support the arts, while supporting these artists and businesses by providing promotion and resources.



Greater Valley Forge Transportation Management Association

GVF Transportation Management Association


The GVF Transportation Management Association offers a forum in which the business community and government officials can collectively work on transportation issues affecting the Greater Valley Forge area. The goal is to enhance mobility and safety through the reduction of congestion and pollution. In order to provide better commute alternatives to organizations’ employees, they assist with the development of suburban transportation solutions where alternatives to driving do not always exist.