Business Types

Many businesses operate in the same way, and it's the end product or service that differentiates it from businesses in other industries. However, when it comes to sales and marketing approaches, the size and life-cycle stage of the business can vary greatly.


We have experience working with many different types of businesses and understand how to establish appropriate goals and utilize different marketing services to achieve the highest return on investment. With over 50 years in business and a team of Energized Rockstars who all include a variety of marketing specialties and industry experience, we are able to serve many different types of companies with a high level of service. For a marketing campaign to be successfully developed and implemented, it's critical to understand the unique needs of the particular business we're working with, both in terms of industry and it's stage in the life-cycle.


The different business types that we work with include:

  • Start-up Business
  • Small Business
  • Mid-Size Business
  • Large Business
  • International Business