Does Your Business Need a Social Media Audit?

Published by: Tori Shaw on: August 8, 2018 10:32 AM under Tools and Tips, Social Media, Marketing

Are you wondering how you can improve your social media strategy to attract more clients? If the answer is yes, your business may benefit from a Social Media Audit.  When a marketing professional performs a Social Media Audit, they take a hard look at the data from all your social media accounts, the conversation consumers are having about your brand, and what your competitors are doing on social media. This can enable you to receive valuable insight into how your business can create and adjust social media campaigns that engage your target audience. Still skeptical? Keep reading! 
Having a clear plan for your social media accounts is vital to remaining competitive in the digital era. According to HubSpot, if you don't have your business goals and buyer personas in mind when you create content for social media, your target audience won't be interested in what you have to say. If your business doesn't currently have any concrete goals, then performing a Social Media Audit can help you develop specific objectives that promote growth. Unfortunately, not all social media platforms make it easy for users to understand and analyze their channel's performance. For example, Instagram, Snapchat, and Google+ require users to manually look at individual posts and determine their overall performance. Therefore, it can be beneficial to hire a marketing agency to perform your Social Media Audit. Think about it, doesn't someone else always proofread your work better than you do for yourself, and when you proofread for someone else, you find what they miss? Same concept! 
Another benefit of performing a Social Media Audit is that it can enable you to develop new benchmarks and KPIs. By quantifying your social media performance, you can sharpen the metrics that impact your business's success. For example, if your business is interested in promoting online sales, your revised KPI could be to grow site traffic by 20% in the next year. The number of KPIs your business should have is dependent on the industry you are a part of; however, you should ideally track between four and ten KPIs.  It can be difficult to determine what metrics are working and what aren't without looking to social media, and by hiring a marketing agency to perform a Social Media Audit, you can receive a more detailed explanation of how to achieve your goals.  
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