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Although the term is becoming a bit cliche, "Content is King" couldn't be more true. It presents your company, or an individual within it, as an industry expert. It helps to educate your current or potential customers and clients. And it also creates new content on your website that is naturally keyword enriched, which greatly benefits your organic (natural) rankings in search engines.


Hopefully, our blog can help us to achieve each of these goals. Check out a few of our recent posts, post your thoughts at the end to keep the conversation going, and feel free to contact us to discuss any of these topics further!

Does Your Business Need a Social Media Audit?

Posted by: Tori Shaw on August 8, 2018 under Tools and Tips, Social Media, Marketing

Are you wondering how you can improve your social media strategy to attract more clients? If the answer is yes, your business may benefit from a Social Media Audit.  When a marketing professio...

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Why Effective Advertising Campaigns are Built on Psychology

Posted by: Tori Shaw on August 1, 2018 under Sales, Psychology, Marketing

"Probably when we are a little more enlightened, the advertisement writer, like the teacher, will study psychology. For, however diverse their occupations may at first sight appear, the advert...

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Why Google's New Marketing Platform Matters

Posted by: Tori Shaw on July 24, 2018 under Industry News, Marketing, New Technology

    Google recently announced that they were introducing a group of simpler brands and solutions for their advertising products. From integrating ads and analytics through machine learnin...

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Digital Disruption - Why Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Marketing

Posted by: Tori Shaw on June 12, 2018 under Sales, New Technology, Marketing, Industry News

Did you know that over half of marketing professionals currently use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to gain insight into consumers? What once was the topic of science fiction has become a valuable to...

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Your Website Needs an SSL Certificate

Posted by: Kevin Homer on May 21, 2018 under Tools and Tips, Industry News

Have you been hearing about SSL certificates and wondered what they are? Are you unsure if your company's website needs to add an SSL? Here is the quick overview of what it is and if you need o...

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How to Manage Your E-Commerce WordPress Website Using WooCommerce

Posted by: Lauren Carhart on January 25, 2018 under Web Design, Tutorials, Tools and Tips, Tools

If you are looking for an e-commerce WordPress website, chances are, it will be built using  WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a hefty e-commerce plugin that's capable of just about anything you...

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How to Use a WordPress Site Designed with WP Bakery

Posted by: Lauren Carhart on January 24, 2018 under Web Design, Tutorials, Tools and Tips, Tools

Have you ever tried to edit the content on your WordPress site, saved your changes, previewed it, and realized you just destroyed the entire page and lost all your styles? If not, then you must be ...

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How to Use a WordPress Site Designed with Divi 3.0

Posted by: Lauren Carhart on January 12, 2018 under Web Design, Tutorials, Tools and Tips

In case you haven’t heard, Elegant Theme’s newest version of the WordPress page builder theme, Divi 3.0, is just about the best theme out there. Fully equipped with a backend page build...

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6 Tips for Marketing Your Business in 2018

Posted by: Melissa Cafaro on December 7, 2017 under Tools and Tips, Marketing, Branding

We all know how rapidly the marketing landscape is changing. New technologies lead to new consumer habits, new consumer habits lead to alternative marketing opportunities, and these new marketing o...

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Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year is...

Posted by: Lauren Carhart on December 7, 2017 under Industry News

We here at Navitas have been eagerly awaiting the annoucement of the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year, as we are every year at this time! Today was the big day, in case you haven't heard the news...

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