Lydia Erickson

Content Marketing Specialist

Specialties: Social Media, Content Development, Writing

Lydia has joined Navitas Marketing as our social media intern for the summer of 2017, and was hired part-time following her internship due to her strong writing abilities and the value that she added to our team. Lydia is obtaining a bachelor of arts degree at James Madison University where she studies Communications, Public Relations, Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication. She loves collaborating with other team members, trying new things, and being involved in various service projects and organizations.


Interests: Tennis, piano, writing, debate


Fun Facts: Lydia recently returned from a study abroad trip to Malta and Sicily where she studied environmental issues of sustainability, water conservation, and forming NGO’s.


Lydia is a member of Student Government and a tour guide at JMU, and is excited to work in Orientation for new students in the coming semester. She loves any kind of dessert, cake, and chocolate. 

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