Felicia Lin

Business Development Strategist

Specialties: Social Media, Content Writing, Blogging, Event Planning, Crowdfunding, Digital Publishing

Industries: Nonprofit, Education, Finance & Banking, Publishing

Felicia Lin has a background in social media strategy, and is also a published author. Her passion for social media comes from her love of writing and the fun in finding just the right words to express an idea. As an indie author, she strongly identifies with the path and struggles of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and innovators. Felicia enjoys working with Navitas Marketing’s clients on their business development strategies.


She is the co-author of Metropolicks, a romantic comedy novel, for which she manages all of the social media. The Metropolicks Facebook page currently has nearly 25,000 fans. She has a passion for using social media to help others share their unique message with the world.




Felicia Lin’s eclectic career has spanned over fifteen years and the fields of non-for-profit development, education, human resources, and finance and banking. 


She has helped to found two not-for-profit organizations: the Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association and the Society of Taiwanese Americans). From 2001-2007 she lived in Taiwan, where she made a creative breakthrough and got on the path to write. She loves connecting with people through networking events. From 2005-2012 she was the Head Organizer of the ORIENTED.com Happy Hours first in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and then in New York.

Since 2004 she has been working on the biography of Su Beng, a Taiwanese nonagenarian revolutionary. In December 2013, Felicia successfully surpassed her crowdfunding campaign goal to raise $15,000 to complete: 1) research for the biography and 2) work on a short documentary about Su Beng. She is also the host of the Talking Taiwan Podcast.


To learn more about Felicia visit her website: www.FeliciaLin.com

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