Dean Gazzo


Specialties: Photography, Technology, Photoshop

Industries: Higher Education, Political Science, Product & Commercial Photography

To say Dean's photographic talent is in his blood is very near the truth. He is a second generation photographer, who started his career at age thirteen. Working for his father, he photographed sports and group memorabilia. After graduating high school, Dean studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He then received the opportunity to study with Anthony Del Vecchio, widely considered to be one of the best of the best photographers in the Pittsburgh area.


After moving back to the Philadelphia area, Dean worked as a senior portrait photographer. From there, he started doing photography for colleges, providing the schools images used to promote enrollment; everything from campus life to aerial photography, as well as architectural photography. After a few years of flitting around the country photographing universities, Dean purchased Raber Photography.


After about a decade, he entered into a limited partnership with Bachrach Studios, which gave him the extraordinary opportunity to study alongside one of the most renowned photographers in the world, Fabian Bachrach. This association catapulted Dean to a new level in his career, photographing Cardinals, Admirals politicians, Chief Justices, celebrities and CEO’s of some of the most influential companies in the country.


Dean has always been interested in technology, so when the digital era started he was one of the first photographers to embrace this new direction. Forming an alliance with a desktop publishing company, he soon became a leader in the tri-state area in commercial and product photography. Honing his Photoshop skills early placed him way ahead of the curve, which allowed him to bring the digital age to his portrait and commercial clients alike. From diamonds to corporate jets and babies to national food campaigns, Dean has the ability to bring your needed images to life. 

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