About Navitas Marketing

Navitas Marketing is a creative marketing and digital agency located in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Our business model consists of two key components: energy and value.


For every client, we work hard to learn their business, research their competition, and develop a unique, modern approach that will generate qualified leads and potential sales. We find ways to increase the value of a marketing strategy to maximize revenue and return on investment. Each client gets this “big picture” approach of a streamlined business management process. Our team is comprised of marketing professionals, creative designers, and website and application developers and programmers. We're a division of  The Homer Group, a graphic design and printing company with over 50 years in the business, so we are able to complete print marketing projects with quality and affordable printing solutions. We provide clients in various industries and all stages of their life cycle with a unique strategy that delivers results.


Navitas - a creative marketing and digial agency

Navitas? What does the name mean?


When we've told our clients, partners, vendors, and friends about the launch of Navitas, the creative design and digital media division of The Homer Group, the first question is, "What does that mean?" We receive some really fun guesses; some people think it's nautical, while others break out into tune, singing "Feliz Navitas". 


Navitas (pronounced “nävitäs”) is a Latin word that means "energy".


This definition is the basis of what our agency is all about. We are an energetic team ready to infuse our knowledge and passion into energetic marketing approaches for our clients. We bend the rules, take the road less traveled, and work hard to learn the business of our clients, learn their competition, learn what opportunities exist for growth, and implement an energetic strategy that puts a jolt into their business and delivers results.